What the Colour Red Means to me

Red is traditionally seen as the colour of passion, danger, energy, excitement and love. It is a trigger for action and gets your attention. It’s also the colour of “stop”, “danger”, and “attention”. Red is an exciting colour that produces strong reactions in all genders. This vibrant hue stimulates our senses and gets our attention as we have seen. When we see red, it’s time to take action or be cautious because something is either going to happen or has happened. Red can promote romance with its associations with romance, signal danger with its link with stop signs on the road or signal trouble with its association with villains like the Red Skull or the Scarlet Pimpernel.


Strength, Power and Confidence

If you want to give someone a feeling of strength, power and confidence, you can give them red clothing to wear and the person might feel stronger. Also, studies have shown that when individuals are wearing red, they are more likely to have a higher level of confidence.

Red can help give you more energy and makes you more alert – it does for me sometimes. This can be helpful if you want to get things done. Red can give you the extra boost you need to get through the day and accomplish everything (well, maybe not “everything”-)) you set out to do; especially if you are feeling tired or lethargic. If you are feeling a little down, red can give you a boost of energy to help you get out of that funk.


Betrayal and Deception

Red is the colour of betrayal and deception as well as being the colour of passion. Red can be used to symbolize a person’s desire for something such as power, sex, or money. It can also represent an individual’s need to be noticed. Red is the colour of sensual romance, passionate love, and sexual desire. In fact, many people wear red lingerie to symbolize their willingness to be intimate. Red can also be the colour of infidelity, when a person wears it to symbolize their desire to cheat on their partner -or so some people say! Red is the colour of rage and anger, which can lead to betrayal and deception. This can occur when someone wears red clothing to symbolize their feelings. It could even be unintentional such as when a person blushes when they are angry.


Danger and Emergency

If you see a red light, you should come to a full stop immediately. Similarly, if you see a red sign or notice someone wearing red, it is time to take caution. Red is the colour of danger, and it may be necessary to take the situation seriously. Red is the colour of blood, which is why hospitals use it on their emergency room signage. Red is also the colour of fire, which is why fire engines and fire hydrants are also painted red. Red can also represent danger when someone wears it. An angry person may wear red, and it could be a warning to other people to stay away from them. Similarly, a person who is stressed out or anxious may wear red clothing to express how they are feeling. Someone isn’t always angry when they wear red of course.


Celebration and festivity

Festivals and parties are often held at night and are often decorated in red. Red is the colour of festivity and celebration as it is a very vibrant colour. In some cultures, red is the colour of mourning. In most modern societies, red is the colour of celebration. It is the colour of birthday parties, sports events, and New Year’s Eve. Many sports teams daub red onto their shirts to signify that they are celebrating a win. Red is a colour that can grab attention and make people feel celebratory. This can be seen at events and festivals when many items are decorated in red. These vibrant colours are a great way to get people excited about a celebration or event. Red is often used to draw attention to important things/people/events; this is done with decorations, commercial signs, or even the colour of a stage when hosting an event.



Red is a very vibrant and exciting colour that stimulates our senses and gets our attention. This colour can stimulate feelings of happiness, love, and energy. Red is also known for being the colour of danger and caution. This colour can be used to symbolize a person’s desire for something such as power, sex, or money.

As I sit here at the computer the front of my hair is dyed red.

For me this colour gives me confidence and also a bit of energy too when I need a boost.

What do you think of the colour red?


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