Tosca Lahiri Artist

It’s so lovely to meet you.

I’m Tosca – a contemporary artist in Scotland. I live near the beach with my dog Beethoven. My favourite ice cream must have two chocolate flakes at all times and don’t get me started on the delicious sausage and egg rolls! 

My mission is to help rebellious souls capture their kind and quirky hearts through the medium of art with my wild and untamed paintings.

Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a first time buyer, you have a chance to fall in love with your choice of painting, and to then enjoy it every day in your own home.

Award-Winning Artist

I am an award-winning artist. My first art award was as a teenager when I came second in a national school competition. I think I may have been reading the “Mr Men” books at the time to my brother, as I remember a round orange character and traffic lights – perhaps it is just as well I can’t remember any more than that!

Fast forward a few years and I won an art award sponsored by Twenty Twenty Gallery in Shropshire. I then sold 3 paintings via the gallery, including the prize-winning piece – “My Calcutta Bookseller”.

Just two years later, in 2014, I was awarded a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art.

My paintings are characterized by the bold colours that I use and the wild energy from which I paint. My art is often inspired by flowers, colours and patterns that I find in nature, and the captivating emotions that the sea evokes. My painterly style is inspired by the Fauvist movement.

Painting challenges and energizes me in equal measure. It has always been my oasis, the place where I can be most ‘me’.

Evoke your deepest feelings with an original piece of art

These pieces are lovingly created in my beautiful studio on the West Coast of Scotland where I enjoy the panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the aliveness of the River Clyde on my doorstep. This inspirational landscape, with all of its natural elements, has me in awe of its beauty and gives me the energy to paint.

Life can get hectic for all of us at times; art invites us to slow down and feed our senses. My paintings may calm you or energize you in equal measure.

Should you fall in love with a piece of art you might have a battle in your head about investing in it. However, if it brings you joy or speaks to your senses, then it is worth giving yourself the gift of love.

I’m here to talk you through any questions you may have, whether about the art itself, the buying process, or whether the painting will go with your decor.

I look forward to talking with you and helping you select an original piece of art for your gorgeous home.

With my warmest wishes,

Beethoven Waiting for Dinner
Beethoven Waiting for Dinner
Beethoven In Inverclyde
Beethoven In Inverclyde
Beethoven at Lunderston Bay
Beethoven at Lunderston Bay