Pop Up Art Show at McGilps, Gourock

I’ve some exciting news! I’ll be holding my first pop up art exhibition. I’m delighted to say that this show will be in McGilps, Kempock Street, Gourock, not that far from Glasgow.

As some of you will know I moved to Scotland last year and since then I’ve been collecting images of the River Clyde, beaches, bays, flowers, trees – anything from the natural world.

I’m particularly keen on the area between The Esplanade, Greenock right down to the seaside town of Largs. And the #ScottishBeethoven just loves Lunderston Bay.

I chose to live where I do for the views on my doorstep.

The #ScottishBeethoven has asked me to tell you more about Lunderston Bay. He loves going there for walks and is particularly delighted when he meets his doggie friends. Some days, when the waters are calm the #ScottishBeethoven loves going in for a paddle. On other days, he loves foraging in the woods just by the bay.

In the odd moments when the #ScottishBeethoven sits on the sand for a rest I can look up and take photos. Probably like you I take many pics that don’t see the light of day.

But there are a few that make it from my camera to the canvas.

These few photos are the starting point for my paintings. I’m never going to say that a particular painting is a direct representation of a particular place, such as Lundeston Bay or Cardwell Bay. However, each photo of these beautiful, inspiring places in Scotland holds memories and emotions that make their way into each painting. Let me show you an example:

This painting started with taking the #ScottishBeethoven to Lunderston Bay. He stood still for a moment and I took lots of photos. Then I let my imagination run away with itself as I transformed the photo into this painting.

Each piece of art in my current body of work is inspired by the River Clyde, the Lochs and all of the wonderful flora and fauna found nearby.

Like I said, my paintings aren’t direct copies of the photos. Rather, my imagination and skill as a painter take over and I produce art that is colourful and certainly original.

Paintings like this one, along with prints and cards will be available to buy in McGilps, Gourock from the 28th August 2023 for the week. There will be a little celebration on the Friday evening.

I look forward to meeting you and perhaps the #ScottishBeethoven will join us – I hope so, don’t you?

The #ScottishBeethoven, the Poochon


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