What does blue mean to you?

Why is the colour blue so popular?

Could it be something to do with blue skies? Vincent van Gogh thought so.

I never get tired of the blue sky.

Are you a fan of the colour blue? A lot of people are. It is the colour of the sea and the sky, and it can make us feel calm and at ease. However, with so many different magical shades to choose from, such as the nature-based green shades and the energising yellowish shades, you may be wondering why blue seems to be our number one choice.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about the colour blue, including the blue colour meaning and much more.

There are studies dating as far back as 1941 that indicate that blue is our favourite colour. This is a choice that has never dwindled. In fact, in 2017, there was another survey that was carried out. It included 30,000 people, across 100 different countries, and it also concluded that our favourite colour was blue. So, why have we fallen in love with this colour? It is likely to do with the different feelings and emotions that are evoked when we look at this shade.

Blue has such a special meaning. It is often linked with stability and depth. It symbolises many things for many people: heaven, truth, faith, intelligence, confidence, wisdom, loyalty, and trust. It is also deemed beneficial to our minds and bodies. There has been research that has concluded that blue makes us feel more calm because it cause our metabolism to slow down. Blue, therefore, has strong links with peace, calmness and tranquillity. It also helps with self-expression and balance, as it is cooling in nature.

Of course, the particular shade of blue will have an impact on its meaning and what it is associated with. Dark blue represents seriousness, integrity, power and knowledge. Light blue is linked with softness, understanding, tranquillity, healing, and health.

Apart from this, blue helps to communicate confidence, importance, and significance. However, it manages to do this without any sinister or dark feelings being created. It can be deemed a highly corporate colour depending on the way in which it is used and the shade of blue in question.

You also need to consider the fact that blue can have different meanings depending on where in the world you are. For example, in the West, wearing something blue is a wedding tradition that represents love. On a bride’s wedding day, it is a tradition for them to wear something blue because of this.

As you can see, it is not hard to see why so many people have fallen in love with the colour blue. It is a colour that is associated with peace. However, it also has links to intelligence, truth, and loyalty. There have been a number of different studies that have shown that blue is beneficial to both the body and mind. It is believed to slow the human metabolism, producing a calming effect. When you take all of this into account, it is not hard to see why blue is used so widely in paintings and interior design too.

I’ve never been able to get into poetry (there is still time though I know). But I do like a bit of Byron:

Darkly, deeply, beautifully blue, As some one somewhere sings about the sky.

What does blue mean to you?


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